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A Better Way to Train

High intensity workouts with guaranteed results, fast!

Improve core strength and get versed in the sweet science.

High Intensity Workouts

Training sessions filled with blood, sweat, and (happy) tears.

Learn From the Masters

Our team of trainers are here to convey their vast boxing knowledge.

Amazing Community

Join an active community of top notch athletes that always shows up and is always ready for more.

Guaranteed Results

We'll push you to work as hard as you can!

Thai Boxing

The Art of the Seven Limbs

Let our elite trainers guide you through the magical art of Thai Boxing.


Dedicated sessions aimed at improving your fundamentals and getting better faster.

Group Sessions

Train with students of the same level and collaborate to elevate your skills.

Mental Toughness

Martials arts are great for the body, but they also strengthen the mind.

Guaranteed Results

With dedication and hard work, success is guaranteed.


Whether you're an experienced boxer looking to improve your skills, or simply looking for a great workout to let off some steam and get in shape, Boxlab has got you covered!

Discover boxing in a new light with our intensive Boxlab workout sessions, or train to become the best fighter you can be with our Boxing and Muay Thai classes at our training facility in the heart of Beirut